The following publications have been realised:

The first (empirical) study about the moral dimensions of novice teachers’ work has led to:

A chapter in the book ‘Complexity in Education’. 

Gertsen, R. (2016). Shaping Phronesis. No Polish without Friction. In Bakker, C., Montessori, M.N. (Eds.) (2016). Complexity in Education. From Horror to Passion. 97-119. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers

In addition, two articles are submitted to English-language Journals:

  • Rob Gertsen, Harmen Schaap, Cok Bakker (2017). Moral Meaning-making of Novice Teachers in Primary Education: a Narrative Approach.
  • Rob Gertsena, Harmen Schaapb, Mariëtte van den Hovenc, Cok Bakker (2017). The Moral Meaning Making of Novice Teachers

In the second study, the concept of moral authorship iselaborated and with the narratives of the first sub-study, it is clarified that the six distinct tasks of moral authorship are relevant for further study. The study has resulted in an article published in:

Gertsen, R., Schaap, H.  & Bakker, C. (2017). Moral Authorship of Novice Teachers in primary education. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 23, 570-582.

In the third study, a questionnaire for self-assessment on moral authorship was developed and tested. Novice teachers and more experienced teachers were asked to fill inthe questionnaire. In November 2017, the research results will be reported at the AME-conferentie in St. Louis, USA , after which the article will be submitted to an English-language Jounal in early 2018.