Interfaces of our mind-powers

Learning Powers

The ability to learn in an investigative, enterprising and daring manner

Moral Powers

The ability to understand the moral aspects of our actions and make courageous choices for good work.

Narrative Powers

The ability to tell youself and others your decisions, choices and actions.

This website focuses on the people-professional, the professional whose work concentrates on the well-being of people for which he/she has the particular interest. It is about professionals working in upbringing and education, medical care, legal assistance, the social sector, and so on. This people-professionals make every day endless choices to their work. But is their work also good work? Good work is more than doing your job well! 

What works and what is right is often discovered by trial and error. People-professionals learn the moral dimension of their work often ‘ through trial and error’. Finding the right approach to their work is similar to making a rope figure with ten fingers. In vocational training, everything is explained, showed and practised and then if you think ‘ I can do that too! ‘, the reality is slightly more complicated.

You find out that all kinds of interests are intertwined and are making it just a little bit different. In the day to day work of people-professionals, many moral choices need to be made. These are the lines that don’t always have your attention.

Novice people-professionals, but also those with more experience, make a lot of ‘ finger figures ‘ in this way and realise beautiful work of their job, but they do not always see the deeper lines.

Telling these stories and listening to the stories about these experiences give the people-professionals the ability to learn and strengthen their moral teachings-power. The stories of events to themselves and colleagues support a sustainable, successful working behaviour for good work.

The approach of the website is to support the people- professional in developing his or her learning-powers and narrative powers, at the service of the mental-powers of the people-professional.

The theme of this website is one of the topics of the research group Normative professionalisation of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

In the item ‘Blog‘ we write about current events that are of interest to sharpens our minds.
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