Common Ground

learning power

Learning Power

The possibilities to learn, enterprising and daring to learn.

moral power

Moral Power

The possibilities to understand the moral aspects of our actions and to make courageous choices for good work.

narrative power

Narrative Power

The possibilities to tell the judgments, choices and actions against yourself and others.

About the website

This website focuses on the people-professional, the professional whose work is focused on the welfare of people for whom he/she has the specialized care. This may involve professionals working in education and upbringing, medical care, legal aid, the social sector, and so on. These people-professionals make endless choices every day to make their work go smoothly. However, is their work also a good job? Good work is more than doing the job well!


What works and what is right is often discovered by ‘trial and error’. People professionals often learn the moral side of their work ‘through damage and shame’. Finding the right approach to their work is like making a string figure with ten fingers. In vocational training everything has been explained, done and practised and if you think ‘I can do that too!’, Reality is just a bit more complicated.


You discover that all sorts of interests are intertwined and intertwined with each other, making it just a little different. Many moral choices underlie the daily work of people professionals. They are the lines that you do not always pay attention to.

Starting people-professionals, but also those with more experience, make so many ‘finger figures’ and make beautiful work of their special care, but do not always see all the lines.


The stories about these experiences give the people-professionals the opportunity to learn from it and to strengthen their moral learning power. Telling events to themselves and colleagues supports sustainably successful work behaviour for good work.


The website aims to support the people-professional in the development of his or her learning power, moral strength and narrative power, serving the spirit of the people professional.

The Theme

The theme of this website is one of the topics where the research group of Normative Professionalisation of the Hogeschool Utrecht is researching.


In Blogpost we look at the current events that are interesting for our mental power. We hope you will follow us on Twitter @RTMGamsterdam & @Moreleerkracht


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